Monday 19th February 2018
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16 chic grey pieces for (mostly) under $100

& other stories shirt

I love grey and think it’s impossibly chic, and deal with the fact that it tends to wash me out by making sure I’ve got a nice bold lip going, and/or that that there’s another, more flattering color closest to my face. I’ve included a few grey coats here that are not under $100, but they’re all marked down and reasonably good deals. I have a grey striped shirt like this one that I wear endlessly.

zella tee

This twist-front tee is good for stomach pooch camouflage, and also looks like the very soul of comfort (here’s a similar sweatshirt I also like).

& other stories sweater

Nobody can own too many big huggy oversized sweaters.

halogen cardigan

A three quarter sleeve cardigan is excellent for pairing with dresses.

mango embroidered blouse

This embroidered cotton blouse is nice and subtle.

j crew duffle coat

A duffle coat in grey is rather unexpected and even charming.

eileen fisher striped top

This grey-on-grey striped boatneck tee looks like a good option for throwing on when you don’t know what else to throw on.

grey levis jeans

These jeans are a very dark grey—almost black, even—but that’s how I like my grey jeans. If you have any thighs at all, it’s more flattering.

pink stitch dress

A perfect beach cover-up for those of you lucky enough to be headed somewhere warm soon.

topshop turtleneck

I like the exaggerated cuffs on this turtleneck sweater.

via spiga coat

Faux fur in grey is pretty chic, in a borderline edgy way. I’d wear it layered over a hoodie.

eberjey top

This top is Eberjey, so it might be pajamas, but I would happily wear it out of the house, as it has such a graceful, flattering neckline, and I like a dropped shoulder.

j crew topcoat

A well-cut topcoat is just a good thing to own.

bp tee

I love the cut of this slouchy tee.

camuto tunic

This tunic gives you a nice layered look without any added bulkiness.

topshop sweater

And finally: this ribbed sweater is rather quietly elegant, and not too tight, as ribbed sweaters often are.


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19 tops with really good prints

rails lip shirt

Tops with really good prints are a nice shortcut to having a “look,” and I am all about style shortcuts this time of year. I think this  lip print is both chic and cheeky.

marant blouse

I ordered this Etoile Isabel Marant top over the weekend, and it came yesterday and is so good that I put it on immediately (with a cami; it’s pretty sheer). The print is unstoppably cool, and is also blue and black, which is maybe my favorite color combination.

& other stories red blouse

I like the idea of dots on a red background. It’s so nice and bold.

j crew liberty top

Just a very cheery Liberty of London option.

mango purple top

Something about the fact that the dots on this tie-neck top are outlined in black makes the whole enterprise more sophisticated.

vince smoke top

This popover looks so comfortable and slouchy, and the print is nicely moody, if that’s a thing.

& other stories pink top

I enjoy the pops of pink here.

rixo top

A very feminine choice, and a very good red, which I’m always partial to.

mango starburst top

Click through and magnify the image, and you’ll see that this button-down has the cutest starburst pattern.

iro top

I’d wear this blouse under a blazer, or on its own once it gets warmer. I think it’s just gorgeous.

mango green top

Green and black is a rare—and pretty compelling—color combo, and I think the floral here is really sweet.

kule top

The stripes on stripes on this crisp cotton shirt intrigue me.

petersyn top

And the rainbow stripes here are just a delight.

mango knot top

The knot front here is excellent camouflage for a poochy stomach, and the print is appealingly retro.

giada forte top

I just think the print on this somewhat splurgy Giada Forte top is so delicate and pretty.

velvet top

I always like an oddly-shaped dot, and the flourish at the arms here is unexpected and appealing.

mango bow printed top

This blouse has a somewhat trippy print, but I really like it.

& other stories heart top

Maybe the chicest heart pattern I’ve ever seen.

j crew elephant top

This elephant print is just good fun.

Here is a post I did recently on cute tops that cost under $100.

Valentine’s day special: Tales of very bad dates

broken heart

I have been working on the chapter of my book in which I discuss dating, and having to face all of my romantic misadventures in one place has put me in a rather cynical state of mind vis a vis love.  The truth is, I’ve only had a handful of truly bad dates (although, somehow, many bad boyfriends) and they were bad in pretty boilerplate ways—men who wouldn’t stop talking about their ex-wives, or stop talking, period.  I realize this might sound rather bush league by some standards, so please, bring me your absolute worst.

15 pairs of trousers for dressing up or down

skinny armies

I am always looking for cool alternatives to my criminally over-utilized jeans, and I like trousers because they project a kind of togetherness I’m not always feeling on the inside. There are a couple of reasonably-priced options here, but not as many as I typically like to include, because this is a tough category for that. Cheap pants, unfortunately, look cheap. And a good pair of pants always wins the day in the cost-per-wear valuation. I like pants from The Great, and these skinny armies especially: they are so, so flattering on a person with hips, and are as comfortable as leggings (they have a ton of stretch, but happily don’t look as though they do). Here are their also-good slouchy armies.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 1.54.04 PM

I’m also a big fan of Nili Lotan’s Tel Aviv pant: just the right amount of slouch, and such a good washed-out black (it comes in other colors too).

frame cargo trousers

Cargo pants are sort of here  forever, aren’t they? That’s cool, I like their utilitarian vibe. (And here is a similar black pair I like.)

helmut lang trousers

I’m including these, from Helmut Lang, because they are wool, and it is very nearly impossible to find good wool pants.

loft trousers

Loft has just started offering extended sizes, and they’ve got some good stuff, like these skinny black pants.

theory trousers

These are from Theory and they’re a wool blend, so you can wear them straight into spring.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 2.02.05 PM

I think these pants are cute and reasonably well-priced, but I’m also including this because I noticed J. Crew has been using this not-scary-skinny model and I think it’s cool.

everlane wide cropped trousers

I am intrigued by this whole wide leg cropped pants look, but don’t want to spend a lot on it, which is why this $68 option is appealing. It also comes in quite a few good colors, and a version with regular slit pockets if you’re looking for something more streamlined.

eloquii trousers

I make a habit of not pointing out when one of the items featured here is for extended sizes, because that annoyed some of you. But you can’t tell from the model’s body here that that is necessarily the case, so I’m going ahead and saying it. These come in a huge range of colors, and are pretty well-cut.

everlane work pant

Everlane calls this their work pant, but I can see wearing it on the weekend with a big sweater.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 2.18.28 PM

Nili Lotan’s super-slouchy Paris pants in a brilliant tomato red.

vince trouser

I like the front seam on these, from Vince.

j crew cropped pants

A jaunty cropped pair fabricated of crepe.

j brand trouser

A navy blue pant is so chic and French.

6397 silk trousers

These silk trousers are just divine, and seriously evening-worthy.


A post on silver jewelry, because I never do that

gabriela artigas earring

I always post gold, because it’s what looks good on my skin, but I like silver jewelry too, and know a number of you prefer it. So I thought I’d give it a go. And while I’m at it: some of you have asked  how I feel about mixing metals, so I will take this moment to state that I am all for it, even though I can never quite pull it off myself.  I think these earrings are really sculptural and chic.

snake ring

When a snake is eating its tail it’s called an ouroboros, and I love them: I have an ouroboros tattoo, and  a couple of rings too, and would gladly add this to the collection.

ttt earrings

These turquoise earrings are just a tiny bit hippie chick, in a good way.

skull cuff

The skulls on this cuff let you covertly add a little punk rock touch to your bracelet stack.

catbird silver hoops

I do love a big old hoop.

pamela love ring

I also very much like a big, chunky ring to offset my fat little fingers, and this malachite number is just gorgeous.

ttt necklace

This necklace fits like a choker and is—I think—pretty sexy.

flotsam ring

Another good ring—statement-y without being too diamond necklace

I like the idea of diamonds with silver: it’s unexpected and fresh.

vita fede ring

A good ring to add to any stack.

maria tash earring

I really like this spiky earring—it’s tough, but also quite beautiful.

ttt cluster earrings

A pair of dangly earrings that would be endlessly versatile.

sterling cuffs

These cuffs come in a set of two, and I find their simplicity appealing.

ttt peacock earrings

I have always loved this peacock earring from Ten Thousand Things—just a really lovely shape, and they’re big enough to stand out without being overwhelming.

lauren wolf earrings

The funky setting renders these pearl earrings almost edgy.


catbird necklace

This rose thorn necklace is so pretty and delicate, but also kind of tough chick.

black diamond ring

Black diamonds and silver can be pretty reasonably-priced: this ring goes for just under $200 (here it is with regular diamonds).

faris necklace

And finally: this is a pearl pendant, and I love the organic shape.


Here is a post I did a while back on good necklaces for layering.



Sweatpants are all I feel like wearing right now

sweatpants street style

Especially first thing in the morning when it’s time to take the dogs out for their stroll, and when I drag my ass to yoga and it’s too freezing to wear leggings. But I’m thinking of expanding my horizons: I have a super-stylish friend who wears her sweatpants as streetwear, and she always looks great, and enviably comfortable. I wouldn’t try to dress sweats too far up (although I have included here a silk pair that is practically evening-worthy), but instead to think of them as an alternative to jeans on days you just can’t be bothered with a zipper.

outdoor voices sweatpants

this heather grey pair looks a bit like what the woman in the picture is wearing.

The Great sweatpants

The Great makes these adorable embroidered star sweats (as well as these, with hearts).

sincerely jules sweatpants

Just a well-cut, straightforward black pair.

adidas sweatpants

I have always loved the look of classic Adidas sweats—the stripes are so sportif (and here’s a very chic pair with subtler stripes).

z supply sweatpants

Grey camo is nice and subdued.

nike sweatpants

These are fleece, which would be so damn cozy.

PE nation sweatpants

I wrote about these PE Nation sweats a while back. They were quite splurgetastic, but I went for it and am so glad I did: they’re the perfect winter sweats, very thick and warm. Now they’re on sale—still not cheap, but nicely cheaper.

mother sweatpants

I like the raw cropped hem here.

pam & gela sweatpants

And I am crazy for this dark leopard print, and the fun way it contrasts with the stripes at the waist.

ATM silk sweatpants

A silk pair is nicely luxe—wear them exactly as you would a good pair of trousers, with just about anything.

terez sweatpants

The skulls here stop short of being overwhelming because the print is black-on-black so they’re barely visible.

everlane cashmere sweatpants

These are Everlane’s cashmere iteration—there’s a waitlist, but it’s well worth getting yourself on: I own a pair and they’re so soft, and wear well.

juicy sweatpants

How squishy and comfortable would a velour pair be?


Here is a post I did on my favorite pair of yoga pants.